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Our difference is, We are A Professional Community for Professionals and Aspiring Professionals



Offers  to the General Public  a Gallery to display props and other options. for a "Yearly" based posting , 


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This Gallery will be made Available to Any Casting Agency or Production Unit that seeks to utilize the items for their productions, In this gallery you will be able to post your E-mail contact information.

This Affords You The Avenue To Manage Your Agreement  To Suit Your Personal Interest and Terms.

The people in this section can list themselves to be contacted as Extras

If you have interest in being contacted as Specific Talent, For Business, Industry and Media Production Presentations of yourself and your skill set. 

 We Invite you to register and Be within the list in our      CP Network



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Props - 

Media Accessories - Custom Automobiles - Boats - Motorcycles - Trucks - Jewelry - Painting - Set Locations - Rare Articles - Period Articles - Unique Creations 

Props and Extras are a vital part to any Media Project, and provides the elements that add the authentic to the production, therefore it is a vital component of quality productions, Our site is designed to make it a matter of Ease for the Production unit's to locate what they need and what they desire, it's people across the lands who have these items, that are desired, they don't know where you are , nor what you have , until you present it..



This is the Yearly Gallery :  

Members of this Gallery, can post picture of their props, in a variety of categories, images of their business, or service you may include your e-mail and phone contact info  The items will be available for viewing by General Public and  the media reps, and others 

You have a choice of  4 or 8 photo's per agreement  If you have multiple products that you care to list in your gallery, you have that option.

We assume no Liability, nor responsibility of any kind with regard to the contact of you and or the usage or your displayed products.

No one under age of 18 may post in this gallery 


Props:  ( items, such as Artwork, Furnishing, Craft Creations, Antiques, Jewelry, Structures, and many other categories of items, used and required in  media productions of film and television.)


Yearly fee





 1 time per month




 1 time per month





Business Location & Real Estate Location posting 

( Suitable for  "Media Sets Production Usage" )   ( or suitable for - Rental to media Production crew members as temp. Housing)


Yearly fee





 2 time per month




 2 time per month


Music   /  Video 
1 35 no update/ $10 per update 15 sec clip
2 35  Once Monthly 30 sec

People:   As talent, extras, or special services you offer..


Yearly fee





 1 time per month




 1 time per month







All Pictures will be approved upon receipt of payment

Options for payment are by:  or Mail in Money Order

checks accepted but must clear deposit before approval

later there will be a electronic form of payment

Mail Payment to:


Attn:"Yearly Gallery

P.O. Box 17885 

Shreveport, La. 71138-7885




Welcome to Centerpiece-Presentations - A Professional Community - of  Props and Business

 Including Props for Media Productions and Business Presentations for your casting needs and services

  For Small to Large Business,   We Open the Presentation Platform, "Centerpiece-Presentations" as a vehicle for  display  which presents you items  as among the "Best", within the choices of displayed options available.

 We care, to be a "21st Century" model of excellence, 

 In a World that works on the "what you see is what you get', then we as such individuals and business, of today, care to see in presentation, what we seek to engage, acquire and interact.  Today's Industry, being a competitive environment,  make selections with the understanding, which suits the attributes of care, to bring aboard the best we can in complimenting  projects, business and aspired aims. 

  Life becomes a "Win Win".. For both Industry and the Individual

Through "Centerpiece-Presentations" Connection for Business, Industry and Media, 

The  Presentations of  Props and Business Business




International Listing

International  Listing  in " Yearly Gallery "

People / Locations / Props / 

Please list your e-mail contact - location, your prop and /or picture 

guideline above apply

        We do not manage your listing once it is paid and posted..  you will be in control of your contact by your e-mail address

picture will not be visible to public until payment is received.

Only use an e-mail address that you are comfortable accepting contact through that listing.

You may also Take advantage our of CP Network for more detailed Professional Presentations of Yourself




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