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 Exit  I-20 at Jewell Ave   Or   Exit I-20 at Hearne Ave

Swap Meet Area1    3301 Pershing Blvd, Shreveport. LA. 71109

Swap Meet Area 2    2901 Pershing Blvd. Shreveport, LA. 71109

For Swap Meet Questions, Please Call:


P.O. Box 17885

Shreveport, La. 71138

Basic Overview Guidelines

(Please Read)

What is a Swap Meet?

Centerpiece-Presentations provides a venue for buyers and sellers to gather and purchase or "swap" dry goods, of various consumer merchandise and Automotive Parts and Accessories, Home and Garden Items and other products (see list of guidelines). Anyone wishing to sell can purchase table space/ Tent space and present products and service products they wish to sell. Anyone wishing to buy simply needs to show up at 10am with some spending money and a couple hours worth of free time. All sales made are between seller and buyer only. Centerpiece-Presentations does nothing more than provide the space for everyone to gather. any booths operated by Centerpiece-Presentations /Real Life Expression will be designated with placard ,  Each Participating member will represent themselves by a Placard, with Name, contact Information and any id that is issued and/or required by State and City Administration.

How much does it cost?

Every Vendor Pays Security Fee and Trash Fee 

 ( trash disposal is limited, so if you have a large volume of trash, you may be required to take some of it with you, if the available units won't support it)

Security is general area security, you will not be provide independent security, if you require it, you should secure it on your own)


Sellers can rent a table space  in select areas for the afternoon for $35. plus $5.00  general security fee/ $2.00 Trash fee / Parking in general area - free (1 car)  if you have a  Large Trucks or vans -$3. and must park in designated area. 


Full Space for $45 plus $5.00  general security fee /$2.Trash Fee  / ( 1 car) parking include parking


Tent Space: ( discussable) 

Auto Sales space  ( discussable) 

Admission for buyers is $2 per individual or $3 per couple, family of 4 up to 2 children, each child beyond the standard 2 allowed, will be  @ $1.50 each below 16 yrs old .  Additional  adult members in a group is $2 each.


Admission is accepted by individual with not full and inclusive understanding, that Centerpiece-Presentations /Real Life Expressions LLC will not be responsibility for accident or injury, we assume no responsibility nor liability for any injury or damage incurred during the engagement with the Swap Meet or any of the grounds and facilities associated with the Swap Meet or it’s Vendors.

All and Without Exception  " Vehicle that enter the premise must show Proof of Liability Insurance upon entry.

Parking is $3 with Proof of “CURRENT” Liability Insurance, all vehicle drivers are solely responsible for any damage they may cause, Centerpiece-Presentations/Real Life Expressions LLC assume no responsibility for any accident or injury or damage to property, personal or facility.

The Swap Meet opens to buyers At 10:00am with seller set-up starting at 7:00am




bulletSet-up for sellers begins at 7:00 AM.
bulletThe Swap Meet opens to the public at 10:00am and closes at 3pm.
bulletCenterpiece-Presentations is NOT responsible for any accidents... all patrons are self responsible for the conduct and their safety and attention to safety matters.
bulletCenterpiece-Presentations is NOT responsible for any miss-representation of any vendor or vendor products, food, or any items sold by vendors.

Seller Guidelines


bulletSellers must rent table space from Centerpiece-Presentations if they wish to sell. Cost for tables is $25 per table (space is limited, so don't delay in reserving a table if you wish to sell).
bulletTables will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Tables can be purchased , by mail, or in person. Since tables are first come, first served, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing a table well in advance to guarantee your space.
bulletSellers are welcome to sell a wide variety of products (all offerings must be legal for sale in the State of Louisiana ). See List of Banned Products  
bulletwhen we host a specific product of group of product Swap meet, it will be for those designated items.
bulletNo more than 2 people are allowed to sell at any table.
bulletSellers CAN use the table as well as the space below the table for goods and livestock.
bulletTable space IS NOT guaranteed until we have your registration fee in our hand.
bulletCut-off for mail-in registration (post mark date) is Tuesday, ___________.
bulletCut-off for Pay Pal (internet) registration is Thursday, ___________.
bulletWe will attempt to accommodate registrations received after the cut-off, however table space can not be guaranteed. Moral of the story, don't wait to register.

Buyer Guidelines

bulletThe Swap Meet opens for buyers at 10am.
bulletAdmission to the Swap Meet is $2 per person or $3 per couple. family of 4 is $5..
Any purchases made are private transactions between Buyer and Seller. , Centerpiece-Presentations will NOT be screening each item before it is sold and assumes no responsibility for the quality or condition of any goods or live stock purchased at the swap meet; Caveat Emptor. We anticipate quality or condition will not be an issue with sellers, however we can make no guarantee as to the quality or condition of any of the items for sale.

bulletWE will not be the mediator of an issue with Sellers and Buyers, We reserve the right to refuse participation of any Buyer or Seller who poses a problem or creates a disturbance of any type or kind.,  Any wrongful acts by a seller, will be reported to the proper authorities, and Seller participating Member can be shut down and banned from further participation in Swap Meets presented by Centerpiece-Presentations/ Real Life Expressions LLC . however  be assured, under no circumstance do we nor will we, make any type or kind of  guarantee as to the quality or condition of any of the items for sale by any vendors participating in the Swap Meet.
bulletEach Vendor is Required to Post by their booth, Their Name, and contact Info, On a posted placard at their Booth or Tent location during the commission of sales within the Swap Meet.
bulletCenterpiece-Presentations, Requires all Vendor sellers to have "Swap Meet Sellers Permits - Issued by Centerpiece-Presentations.. this is not part of any City or State  issued permits,- it is an Centerpiece-Presentations event sponsor issued Permit to Participate
If you have any further questions or seek clarification of any of the above rules, please e-mail us and let us know.  or read our Policy and Guidelines, you should find clarity there.  any questions concerning Business and legal matters, you must personally investigate that, as your personal pursuit of resource info. We do not provide legal advice.


No rollerblades, roller skates, skate boards, bicycles or motorized scooters are allowed.

Please Click link below proceed to

Additional Vendor Info Including Forms 


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