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Providing the Automotive Industry with the Highest Level of Sales Staffing

We Serve all 50 States Meeting the Demands of Dealership with Quality Career Minded Recruit



  • Professional Sales Training


Alonzo Smith 

Certified Professional Recruiter & Trainer

Available for Business Groups or Individual Group Classes , Will Schedule to Meet Your Needs

Improvements are always steps of progress and success follows

We Help "You" - Reach Your Goals 




We Bring Within Our Recruiting Process -  Basic Training to Provide You With A Quality Sales Staff

Who have made a commitment to their career choice

Please Contact 

Alonzo Smith  

Certified Sales Trainer


for Details


Meeting the Future Working For You    


Developing The Career Minded  Sales Force of the 21st Century 


 Values of Good Business 




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Greenpea Recruiters knows how to properly recruit and train highly motivated salespeople to increase your sales and your profit. We strive to provide the best recruiting and sales-training experience for your dealership, using our proven, federally copyrighted material. We do it with a program that has been perfected and proven over the past decade.

Our training program covers such basics as:

  • Meeting and greeting

  • Closing, delivery, and prospecting

  • Handling objections and how to utilize over 40 successful closes

  • Handling of phone ups and prospecting.

Our policy of charging only the sales candidate and not your dealership has many clear and consistent advantages.

Here are some examples:

  • Our program costs the dealership nothing, aside from normal recruitment advertising expenses.

  • Our program lightens your workload: we recruit, interview and train only qualified salespeople.

  • Our program allows you to conduct business as usual while we screen and train the candidates who you choose from at the completion of training.

  • Our program provides salespeople with a high level of commitment.

  • Our program will help increase CSI scores, repeat, and referral business by assuring your salespeople are properly trained.

  • Our program increases your ability to retain the salespeople for a long period of time, building on the solid foundation laid by Greenpea Recruiters to generate a long-term top producer.

We have 15+ years experience in the car business... and will arrive personally at your dealership to impart our experience, wisdom, and our updated and proven training programs to generate the World's Greatest Salespeople for you.

Ready to get the process started?



Recruiting and selecting the right salespeople is one of the most important tasks facing automotive dealerships! All too often, the principal cause of poor performance is that the wrong people are initially hired for the job. But, as obvious as it seems, most companies still have ill-defined processes and woefully low standards for who they hire and how they initially train new employees. Most dealerships rely on chat-style interviews with a handful of candidates, a technique that is both time-consuming and a poor predictor of eventual candidate success.

As a result, most dealerships operate like revolving doors when it comes to salespeople. Sales employee turnover at the typical new car franchise dealer reached over 51% in 2006, according to the NADA. Thatís a problem in an era of thinning margins, when retaining customers is more important than ever. Many dealerships assume that constantly hiring new salespeople is just part of doing business, without ever trying to change the norm.

Competing for talented salespeople requires that dealerships cast a wider net and set higher standards for hiring. The problem is most dealerships just run classified ads in the newspaper and keep getting the same people applying for the job. Many times dealerships hire their competitors' failed salespeople, many of which already come with bad attitudes and bad habits learned by some ď8 car guy.Ē

The talent war is heating up and your competitors are seeking to out-compete you by attracting better talent. Thatís why many of your competitors choose to partner with Greenpea Recruiters.

Alonzo Smith - Certified Trainer


 Shreveport & Regional ArkLaTex



CP Network  Provides  Network Membership to Successful Trained Career Candidates - Trained by Alonzo Smith

Centerpiece-Presentations is dedicated to the advancement of Professional People

Real Life Expressions LLC




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