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Offers  to the General Public  a Gallery to display props and other options. for a "Yearly" based posting , 


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The Youth Performancel Network -  The Future Unfolding through Their Growth

CP "YOUTH" Network 

A Global Community / with  Local Connectivity 

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Organization will be required to contact only the Youths Parents, for any opportunities, there will be no accessible display of direct contact info with the youth, All Youth profiles will include the parent having access to their profile, there will be no profiles authorized by our site, without parental or legal guardian approval.  " this is the step we take to manage our role of providing the parent the responsibility of their youth's presentations"  Any organization may freely and willingly work with the guardian,  or the legal designated representative of the youth, and provide opportunity to the Youth within the  CP "Youth" Network





 Our aim is to provide a full service avenue unto the Media and Entertainment  Industry, as well as private production entities. who seek  to engage the public and contribute in the cultivation and character development, as well as enhance the skill and techniques within the vast resources which are part of the public  of Student Citizens. 

We are committed to "Youth Excellence", and "Progressive Development of Youth", in preparing them for the World of Tomorrow, which will be their inheritance of what we construct today, they will take it into the future of tomorrows.


 Talent Exist Within Every Youth, We have as a society,  have the true and real responsibility and the sincere and honest duty, to give them the assurances they can engage opportunity. We must care deeply to have  the will and want, to see them grow and develop, into the people who will fill the ranks of the future. 

Our Role and Responsibility is not only to Acknowledge, but to Encourage and Support their further development. Our spirit to help "Our Youth" build pride and deepen self understanding, as we provide the tools of exercise of their abilities,  strengthen their confidence.  We must embrace their Motivation, and where it lacks we must inspire to help their feeling of being motivated, to be creative. Our examples of integrity and presentation of dignity in our manner, will help the Youth  learn the true value within being professional in their exercise of their skills and ability.

We are not only interested in their skill development as class and craft specific of business and industry, but as an "individual", who understand themselves and the inherent value, of being of service to others, team-working with others, being team members, team players as we also, help them learn and develop the true meaning of leadership skills as individuals. We must, with all urgency, help them understand  their value  as social citizen, civic and cultural persons, who hold a respected and viable place in our society.

We have no greater task, and we will meet no great willing persons, "Than our Own Youth"  as we treat them with the respect as individual, and teach them the depth of responsibility and well thinking, considerate interactions and pride filled associations


searching the internet can be a challenge, but we , At Centerpiece-Presentations minimize the challenge and provide a quality level to make efficiently, the production that make tomorrows history, today.


Youth Gallery



This is the Youth Gallery :  

Members of this Gallery, can post Picture of themselves and Their Props, be it art, or other creative craft creations, post their Music, Videos, in a variety of categories, The items will be available for viewing by the Media Reps, of various segments of the entertainment and project managers and organization or a wide variety of Business Interest. .   We make this site available to business organization, who provide , "youth program",  within the business  organization and artistic and technical craft areas. 

You may list with your Product, the name and description, your State location and type of interest, such as i.e. acting, modeling, art and crafts, music, computer tech, or mechanical skills and other types of categories,etc.. This is designed for quick access to provide a wide Variety of assets for the  industry, both major facility reps, and small project reps. in the facilitation of affording opportunity to learn and develop as well as promote the skills and talents of Youth.

We will require all industry Reps to list in our Data base, a computer form, with their credentials, and you may check this bank for names of reputable registered Representations, who choose to utilize the featured products of our members. The Parents, will be able to view your organization and the stated credentials.

We assume no Liability, nor responsibility of any kind with regard to the contact of you and  the parent or their acceptance to meet or make agreement with any organization or person of business or industry. or the usage or your displayed products.

This is not a section for items designated for sale,  and no sales items will be listed or approved for presentations in this display catalog.

The fee's for Yearly listing is a fixed rate, one price for each member, you will have the option to design your profile page as it suite, with accord of the terms of agreement  


We ask, and Request that you list your profile o under the category that suits your Interest, or personal concerns of skill, industry and talent objective.. 


Youth Gallery

        Youth Charity


Profile Presentations

Yearly fee - $35


Basic Profile You gallery has 4 photo's  1st on is of yourself by parental approval
Special Interest photo's

3 of your creations

 1 time per month


 1 time per month



Music and Video 

1-3 songs $20 1 time per month 15 seconds


1 video $20 1 time per month 15 seconds

Mail In payment Only : must be accompanied by COPPA Form or fill out forms and MAIL IN, once verified we may WE CAN PROCEED WITH  "Approval  process"

Please go to forms section:  FORMS

any contact by Organization or It's  Reps.. will be between  Parent/Guardian. at such point, they( the Parent or Guardian) will facilitate any engagements and project offer's .




Blogs are for Youth Only,  to Register and Sign up, become first a Member of the Youth Presentations, This is a Requirement for the participation in the Blog sections.

At time you will choose a screen name, which will not have any connection to your posted picture,

 We will send you a sign in Password  




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