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Member of CP Network Yes,
No, May join
Member of Yearly Prop Yes
No, May join
Performing at CP Events Yes
I would love to
Paid or Unpaid, Yes
Hostess at CP Events Yes
I would Love to as paid or Unpaid volunteer
Lets discuss pay by event volunteer
Volunteer at CP Events Yes
Paid or Unpaid - any position
Paid or Unpaid - select Positions
Willing to be on CP Event Team Yes
I loe team work and would be available
I would Like Paid or unpaid to be considered
I want the Exposure Yes
I don\\
Any good exposure is good for my goals
I want the Potential Contact Yes
contact me for any Event
contact me ONLY for Paid Events
Will work on a Sponsors Team Yes
This is a great way to assist my Career
I think it\\
Willing to Travel Yes, up to 40 miles
Yes, Up to 100-200 miles
Any State or maybe International
Only Local within My Area
Willing to Work On select Projects Yes
Project work is a good way to Learn, I\\
Project work, suits me fine I can plan it better
Have positive Personality Yes
Yes, but shy at first
Yes, but need lots of coaxing
Yes, I\\
I can be trusted yes, with money, and responsibility
I prefer not the handle money, but good with responsibility.
I don\\
Yes.. I can be trusted to do what ever is part of a Project
I am dependable Yes, I\\
Yes, when I plan it I do it.
Yes, tell me what is my task
I have other priority obligations
I believe in Team work yes, team work is what make progress
yes, Team work is for me
Yes, team work I respect greatly
No, I work alone better
I can be a Team Leader Yes, I\\
Yes, I love to lead, and I\\
Yes.. I can do it,
No, I\\
I can work within a Team Yes, I have always been a team player
Yes, Team work inspires me
Yes, team work is how success is achieved
NO, I work better alone
I can help coordinate Yes I good at it
yes, I\\
Yes, but I need help with it,
NO, but I work good under direction
Contact me for Events Yes, for any event
Yes, for event and volunteer project work
Just Post it, I will contact you
Yes, I can work for nominal Pay
contact me for working Events *
contact me for volunteer at Events Yes, paid and unpaid
Yes, I am available
NO, I have obligations that won\\
I am willing to consider based on Event, call me
I would like to be in Talent Shows Yes ... definitely
Yes, I love any opportunity
Yes, paid or unpaid
I make a good MC *
Active member of CP Yes

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