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We Give you a Professional Network  , We Hope You will be delighted with the Professional Presentation  Vehicle, we've designed,  where you can highlight

  The Best of You

As a Centerpiece-Presentations


CP Network





We Give You the 

Ever Expanding Resource Guide


Designed Into A Community Network Section,

Where Individuals can Display Their Unique

Talents, Skills, Crafts and other Professionals Offerings

Members Can Collaborate  and Build Teams, Share Trade Skill

 In Media, Film, Television, Event Planning and Other Professional Endeavors

We are Making The World A Smaller Place Where Media Agents, Casting and Employers Other Professionals

 May come 


See Your Presentation and Connect with You Personally


We Provide a CP Network for You to Engage, Team Building,  Professional Collaboration, as well as, Meet and Relate Choices of Expressions to Enhance Your Options for Success

Let the Business People and Organizations of today, see You, beyond just a written Resume


  We We are sure  your choice of usage will be truly satisfying.  


Professionalism, Creativity and Artistry


The core elements, that solidifies "Our Commitment" to "You"



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    Centerpiece-Presentations .

a trademark of


Truth's, are blessings, that may not be dressed to your wants... but, it's dressed always, 

to present its self...  for  your enhancements desire, and adaptations, 

"Real Life Expressions" in "Centerpiece-Presentations"



The World Eagerly Awaits New Talent


It Could Be You



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Self Managed Professional Community 

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Make Yourself into a Story of Success !







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 Share Your Self -Presentation with The World


                 Excite YOUR Life  Working to Become,  

The Leading Resource, for all Media Productions, Business and Professional Organizations. and Corporate Talent Searches.

As long as there's People, Places and Things

Our goal is to Present Them 




The Professional Network  Community 

CP Network


  Professionals, Skills Artisans & Creative Talents

       Making the World  Unified Through Professional Connectivity 

meet, share, pursue your dream, build teams,  find  project partners - join together for Success

Present Yourself for those special opportunities,, allow agents and all category of recruiters to see you, 


The Centerpiece-Presentations of Yourself


CP Network


For the privacy of individual, all members will be referred to by, user name (not real legal name)  / ( file #) /.  Once member is contacted,  they will choose how they  provide  access  to their Personal Resume

Individuals with household names in National and International media,  may use their public names as an option if they choose. or any individual represented by an Agent may instruct you to contact their Agent.

They will note in their profile page, located in the Network, if they are Agent Represented, and whom to contact. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________












Design your  Professional  Lay Out and post your Best Images to reflect your  professional presentations ,

 Complete your Resume and have it available to send on demand.    

The Highest Quality Showcase of You,  




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